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Solutions In Finding Hidden Names On LinkedIn

Can you find hidden names on LinkedIn?  Yes and it works on free accounts. Please be aware that a free account won’t allow you to view a member’s profile if they are three (3) or more connections away. However, you

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SlideShare Tip: Convert Articles and Documents to a Presentation

This is a handy tip to convert your content to the popular presentation sharing platform, Slideshare.  It will allow you to add more content to Slideshare and gain more exposure. Bill Gassett shared his way on Google+, but I have found

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Cleveland Clinic Advances Healthcare in Social Media

Cleveland Clinic is leading the field in social media healthcare.  How is this clinic a leader? If you see the site then you will understand.  It’s really amazing and helps people to interact and engage.  Before I begin telling how

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3 Management Concepts Businesses should use.

There are three concepts businesses should use.  Apply these concepts correctly than businesses, employees and customers will all benefit.  In modern business it’s the role of management to cut costs and leverage on borrowings.  Which can explain why most established businesses

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What is Coles Planning?

What is Coles planning against Woolworths?  Who is Coles?  Who is Woolworths?  These two companies dominate the supermarket industry in Australia.  Together, they own about two-thirds of the market share.  Woolworths is the market leader at this stage with Coles

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Business and the Social Media Monster

How well does your business manage social media?  Many businesses have joined the social media phenomenon.  Most businesses have done this without a clear strategy.  They joined the platforms like  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, You Tube, Blogs, Pinterest, etc. Many businesses

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Good Sources for information

There are several sites that I use regularly visit to keep up to date on information for various subjects and trends.  Here are the sites that I recommend that you visit: LinkedIn is the main site that I use to

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Samsung’s Global Innovation Push

What’s Samsung‘s next global achievement?  This korean conglomerate (chaebol) continues to grow and expand products that we consumers want.   Some of these products are sleek, sexy and stylish like their mobile phones.  So what is the next step for

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