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Cleveland Clinic Advances Healthcare in Social Media

Cleveland Clinic is leading the field in social media healthcare.  How is this clinic a leader? If you see the site then you will understand.  It’s really amazing and helps people to interact and engage.  Before I begin telling how

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Expanding Twitter Interaction

Twitter, one of the big four, has made some changes.  What are these changes that Twitter has done?  How does it help? 1) Directory This unannounced feature is on Twitter’s home page.  It’s at the bottom of the screen. The directory

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Twitter’s new business direction

Is Twitter heading in a new direction?  No.  It has tried to head in this direction for a while.  This direction is simple to explain.  They are trying to generate revenue from their platform.  If you think that they are

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China’s Weibo stirs to take on Twitter

When will china’s software companies stir from their sleep?  The signs point to Weibo.  What’s a Weibo? I haven’t heard of this Chinese software company until recently.  Out of all the software company in china, it’s no surprise that this

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