2 Interesting News for Healthcare


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There are two interesting news for Healthcare that I recently discovered.  One is a medical science and the other is mobile technology.  The one in medical science is a game changer in saving lives and the mobile technology is a risk reduction app for dementia.

The second leading health concern among adults is Dementia.  Alzheimer’s Australia released a Dementia risk reduction app.  It’s designed for people in the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s to promote the disease’s awareness.  The app provides steps on how you can try to prevent it.  There isn’t a wonder drug or cure for this disease. It’s free and the name of this Australian app is called “BrainyApp”.

Android phone and tablet users go to Google Play Store.  Iphone and Ipad users can download it from the App Store.

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The consumer trend using technology to diagnose themselves is growing.   Medical and Government bodies need to work with developers to make sure that they reach this consumer self-diagnosis technology sooner and not later.  Which is what Alzheimer’s Australia and the software developer have done.  Should other medical bodies should follow their lead?

This medical science news came to me via Thomas Frey from the Da Vinci Institute.  It is an incredible study that will change and enhance emergency procedures from researchers at Harvard Medical School.

The problem with people who stop breathing in emergency situations  is that they need oxygen to breath so that they can avoid cardiac arrest and brain injury.  Oxygenating the blood through intravenous drip often led to dangerous air bubbles in the blood system.

Harvard Medical School

Harvard Medical School (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The team at Harvard Medical School are on their way to finding a solution.  They created a foamy liquid solution with oxygen gas-filled microparticles.  The mixture enters the bloodstream and combines with the blood molecules to carry oxygen to tissues in the body.  The trial solution kept rabbits alive for 15 minutes without a single breath.

The representative, John N. Kheir states it’s a short-term oxygen substitute.  The ramifications are enormous to medical procedure and services.  He hinted that these syringe solutions could be stored on every hospital cart, ambulance or transport helicopter to stabilize patients.  Will this be necessary tool for medical services and procedure? Will it be standard equipment?  How far away do you think human trials will be?  Will it be so simple to use that it could be essential tool in a first aid kit?

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