HTML5 – Merging Websites and Mobile Devices

What’s HTML5?  Why’s it merging websites and mobile devices?  HTML is basically the written coding or language that runs the internet.  It’s going to change the way we deal with the internet using desktops and mobile devices.  In other words, this software update is making our lives easier.  How’s this is going to impact on businesses and online communities?

The main improvement areas are Multimedia, Storage and How we view sites on devices.

English: Computer icon of Adobe Flash CS4 Prof...

English: Computer icon of Adobe Flash CS4 Professional (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It now supports multimedia,  which means sites can embed media with simple tags.  To put it simply, you will no longer need to download plugins like Adobe Flash or Java to watch videos or listen to music.  This also means streaming multimedia on smartphones without the need for plugins.

Then comes storage that allows you to store offline data for web apps.  This means that you can create files or draft emails when your offline and when you connect it will automatically synchronise with the web-based app.

The biggest impact will be in viewing sites on devices.  It  adjusts automatically to the size of the browser in displaying the size and amount of text on it.  To simplify it, you’ll only need a website for mobile devices.  This is a big bonus for businesses and online communities.  This means that it will be cheaper to produce than mobile apps for systems like iOS or Android.  This may mean that organisations don’t need to hire developers to make digital, app-like experiences.

Icarus Tablet Bluefire

Icarus Tablet Bluefire (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s also a greater increase in the use of drag and drop function on websites and apps.  It’s going to streamline many of the common functions for users.

As a consumer, we won’t notice it.  Maybe, televisions and appliances with screens will probably be the next evolution stage.    Businesses need to think how to incorporate layouts and designs to make website content appealing.  Why?  Mobile users can now see you.  Does your site need a social media facelift?  Time to look at free sites that offer drag and drop templates for business websites.


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