Planning for Mobile Devices

iPhone & Intel Mobile Device

iPhone & Intel Mobile Device (Photo credit: Frank Gruber)

How effective is your mobile devices plan?  While the western world consumes mobile devices like tablets and mobile phones quickly.  The uptake of technology by consumers has led business to follow the trend.  The problem with most business plans for mobile is that they don’t think about the features.  Businesses need to separate mobile devices features from laptops and computers.

The first and most significant thing is that they are finger dependent.  You navigate around the screen by the finger.  So copying a website is pointless.  The mistake is that drop down menus is less effective in this environment.  It’s important to create links to your other business content.  The second problem is that the link comments don’t display on mobile devices.  While laptops and computers have a pointer to navigate around the screen, comments appear on the screen by placing the pointer on the link.  Mobile devices have removed this feature.  Another thing that mobile devices do is to allow the viewer to expand or magnify the screen.

iPad tablet

iPad tablet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Secondly is the tilt or flip function in mobile devices.  Many businesses don’t include it in their marketing agenda.  I recently read an article about an insurance company in the United States.  It used this feature in their marketing campaign.  There’s a picture of  the destroyed inside of a house by a tornado. If you tilted your mobile device around then the inside of the house is completely restored.  What’s the name?

Thirdly is apps.  Businesses need to use this function to add another dimension to their brand.  Designing this app to appeal to the consumer is extremely important.  It needs to contain elements like exclusiveness, functionality, value and  be free to the consumer.  The right mix goes a long way in increasing your brand awareness.

mobile devices

mobile devices (Photo credit: Hands On Support)

Lastly is speech and voice recognition.  Although in its early stage, this has the most potential.  In time, this will change the way we interact on mobile device.   This will be the new mouse in the future.  Reducing the role of the finger and flip function to a minimal role.  It will change the role of business marketing.

To sum up, design your mobile website with these basic tips in mind.  Market your brand by expanding on these tips for your mobile campaign.  Although adding a mobile site is another price to your business, it’s worth the effort if you plan and prepare how to engage the consumer.  Did your business mirror your website to the mobile website?  Do you need to think about the drop down features on your mobile site?  What needs improving?


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6 comments on “Planning for Mobile Devices
  1. Mckearney says:

    Because of reading your blog, I decided to scribble my own. I had never been interested in keeping a blog until I saw how helpful yours was, then I was inspired!

  2. Broderick says:

    Nice website over here! I’ll just wanna say thnx for that.

  3. Wishart says:

    I have got one recommendation for your web page. It looks like there are a few cascading stylesheet troubles while launching a number of web pages inside google chrome as well as firefox. It is functioning okay in internet explorer. Possibly you can double check that.

    • Thanks for informing me about the troubles. I’m using Google Chrome myself and it’s functioning okay. The only thing that I can think of is the RSS feed as it has trouble with Google Chrome. There are patches which I need to find if this is the case.

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