March 19, 2012

I have now gone live with all my finished articles and some pages.  There will still be adjustments and design issues.  Need to adjust a couple of links in some of the articles.  Oh, crap!  Articles not posting to pages.  Dam!  Need to think about this.  How do I set up a favourites site?


A Brand Enhancer in Communications. I fit naturally with technology, curious about science and avid consumer of news to gain insights. You can follow me on Google+ , LinkedIn , Twitter .

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4 comments on “March 19, 2012
  1. Howdy: many thanks for getting some time of producing up this info. I often make an effort to even further my comprehension of matters. Whether I concur or disagree, I love knowledge. I just remember the olden times if the only supply of knowledge was the library or even the newspaper. They both appear so archaic. : )

    • I keep an open mind and love knowledge as well. I also like sharing it and the stories you guys write to me about how you benefited from this is so rewarding. Just remember to share knowledge around. 🙂 It makes life easier for everyone.

  2. break says:

    I see something truly interesting about your website so I saved to fav.

    • I believe you have. Your pretty smart in that part. Congradulations! But didn’t Alice go down the rabbit hole? Read the articles to understand where you’ll end up. What is the proper path? LOL 🙂 If you can hold of to Friday 13th, you’ll see a clearer picture. If you work it out please don’t tell anyone what the correct sequence is. Trust me watching peoples’ faces when they try work it out is going to be truly amazing. If you think you know what it is send it through the “contact us” section. I can’t wait to see your response! Good luck! LOL 🙂 If you can get it in your first try I’ll be quite surprised. LOL

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